Saturday, February 27, 2010

Holy Christ where are my posts???

OK, don't panic. I moving to WordPress and changing the blog's format. We have been having a tough time lately with hospital bills and having to replace ANOTHER blouse because some guy got carried away and ripped the front (not that I did not LOVE it).

So, I am going to sell my fiction on Amazon. I don't think it's fair to ask people to pay for something when I have it out here for free so I'm taking down the Damien's Alley posts. Also, I'll be expanding my write ups and publishing them as "Persephone's Sordid Tales".

I'm not abandoning the blog (not that I have been that attentive lately). I'm actually trying to make it easier for me to update more often. It will be mostly my commentary on videos and things. You all seem to prefer that anyway LOL.

So, you can head on over to the new blog at:

Big wet dripping thanks to Big Dog for hooking me up with free webspace. Well, free in the sense that I don't give him any money. I do, on the other hand, sit on his lap and call him Uncle and read dirty stories to him over the phone while he's at work. (Is that wrong of me?)

Don't worry, I'm not keeping that awful theme. I just wanted to get off of the default. It's all going to be wonderful and porn filled. Also, with luck, I will get out of debt in time for Christmas!

See you at the new place!
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